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April 4, 2017

Forbes Magazine Best Airlines for 2017:


Healthy Snacks On The Go!

Traveling can be stressful and whether you are preparing for a short flight or a multiple leg trip, there are healthy snacks you can pack yourself to help make the journey much healthier and more enjoyable!

1. Dried Fruit (no sugar added!)
2. Whole Grain, Low Fat Granola
3. Unsalted Raw or Dry-Roasted Nuts
4. Fresh Fruit
5. Whole Grain Crackers with Peanut Butter 
6. Whole Grain Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter or Dried Fruit
7. Air Popped Popcorn
8. Whole Wheat Pretzels
9. Homemade Trail Mix (whole grain granola, dried fruit, dark chocolate chips)

Common Travel Problems Create Major Business Disruptions

September 24, 2014

'Air travel mishaps, such as delayed flights, cancelled flights and missed connections, are by far the most common travel problem encountered by today's road warriors. Nearly 90 percent of business travelers who experienced problems while traveling, experienced at least one mishap related to air travel, according to a new study by the GBTA Foundation,...'


February 2017
Many travelers prefer to take their pets with them when they travel. The list of web sites available with 'pet friendly' information is wide and varied. Ask your travel agent to check potential hotels and resorts before you book to weed out the best resources for you and your companion.

Eating Healthy and Exercise Top The Stress List For Travelers

March 21, 2013
A survey from TripIt, revealed that eating healthy, exercising on the road, and coming home to a to-do list are more stressful for frequent travelers than airport security.

When asked how stressful certain travel-related activities are, 67 percent of frequent travelers said exercising was either somewhat or very stressful; while 66 percent said eating healthy was stressful. The top five activities identified by the majority of respondents as stressful include:
Travel-related activity Somewhat stressful Very stressful Total
1. Exercising 50% 17% 67%
2. Eating healthy 47% 19% 66%
3. Coming home to things waiting for me 45% 19% 64%
4. Airport security 44% 15% 59%
5. Driving in an unfamiliar city 42% 12% 54%
To help travelers exercise and eat healthy while on the road, TripIt recommends these tips:
  • Carry healthy, portable snacks, like whole almonds or a banana to curb cravings
  • When ordering from a menu, substitute an appetizer or small plate for the entree
  • Opt to walk or take the stairs, instead of the people mover or escalator
  • Aim to increase your steps with an activity tracker or app, and take the scenic route
  • Ask the hotel concierge for a map of local running routes or trails
  • Take advantage of hotels that loan guests workout gear, yoga mats or shoes
  • Use the hotel room to do crunches, push-ups, and chair dips any hour of the day

Nasty Truth About the Dreaded Bedbug

August 2012
This may be an unsavory subject for discussion, but it is important to check (even the at best hotels) for bed bugs, before you settle in for your stay. Make your own quick inspection for peace of mind. The National Pest Management Association provides a short video outlining the 'how to' for checking your room.  

When Is the Best Time To Book Your Travel?

According to the Airline Reporting Corporation ARC), the time frame for securing the lowest fares has grown to six weeks or more before travel. The earlier you can ticket your travel, the better your ticket price. Book ahead and ticket as soon as possible to lower your travel expenditures.
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